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Al Hassan Group holds Talent Appreciation Award Ceremony (04 Jun 2013)

Al Hassan group held a Talent appreciation award ceremony to formally recognize and reward employees for their innovative suggestions through the Ideas for "Improvement scheme" and employees who have made special contribution.

The awards were presented by Mr.Maqbool Ali Salman, MD, Al Hassan Group in the presence of Sr. Management Team. The opening address was presented by Mr. Shahzad Sadan, GM-Organisational Development, who spoke about various employee engagement activities at Al Hassan Group and subsequently announced the awardees and their contributions.

Keeping in trend with the organization's continuous improvement culture, employees are encouraged to share and implement ideas which are duly rewarded. The ideas contributed ranged from deploying automation, improving communication and response time, enhancing quality at project sites to improving employee engagement.

Employees who went the extra mile to achieve excellence were also recognized. The contributions of these employees were in the areas of medical services at project sites and innovative engineering solutions.

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