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Al Hassan Group supports Omani music band Watasimu's new album titled 'Our Identity' (02 Oct 2014)

In line with its commitment to support initiatives that have a positive impact on the community, the Al Hassan Group recently supported the launch of Omani inshaad group Watasimu's new album titled 'Our Identity'.

Watasimu, is a group of five local inshaad singers who hail from different backgrounds. Inshaad is a popular form of music which generally discusses positive issues such as faith, family, and being thankful, and watasimu (also the name of their first album) is a word in the Q’uran which means ‘to adhere firmly to the covenant of Allah’. Their first album sold over 120,000 copies and garnered over 100,000 likes on Facebook, evoking an interest in positive music. Their second album is titled ‘ Our Identity’ and in a very short span it has become quite popular as well.

Commenting on the initiative, Mr. Ali Maqbool, Director, Al Hassan Manufacturing & Trading division said "We are very happy to support Watasimu in their noble endeavor to promote Omani talent and values. We are thankful that the second album made a marvelous success in terms of the number of audience and the positive impact it had on the listeners by the powerful positive messages it has given the audience. We deeply hope that their success story continues and new albums get produced."

"Watasimu group is proud and honored for the support extended by Al Hassan Group of Companies. This is a true testimonial of how much the private sector is committed to initiatives that contibute positively to Oman and Al Hassan has practically depicted so by sponsoring our young but very differentiated group of vocalists with inspirational messages on love for Oman and respect for humanity". Said Taha Al Lawati of Watasimu.

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