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Workshop of "Saving Gas by Solar Cooling Technology" in Oman organized by Kawasaki Thermal Engineering (KTE), Mitsubishi Corporation and Al Hassan Group. (24 Feb 2014)

A workshop on Introduction of Japanese Technology on Absorption Chiller was held on January 29 at Al-Bustan Palace in Oman. This workshop was organized by Kawasaki Thermal Engineering (KTE), the world pioneer on Absorption Chiller Technology, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC), a Japanese trading house contributing LNG development in Oman and Al-Hassan Group of Companies, Oman.

Attended by major authorities and organizations in Oman, a mitigation measure for high electricity demand for air-conditioning, which is one of the pressing issues in Oman,Introduced technology is Absorption Chiller. The absorption chiller is the chiller for centralized cooling system widely known in East Asia and recently its introduction to Pakistan, Iran and Egypt around Oman.

This absorption chiller is a gas powered driving system and its most significant feature is its remarkably low electricity consumption saving 75% compared with conventional electric chillers. What is better, its combination with solar thermal system can significantly reduce gas consumption. This combined system, especially with the Solar Thermal System, can make full use of the climatic superiority (long hours of sunshine) in Oman, KTE said.

Utilization of the Solar Thermal is much more efficient compared with photovoltaic (PV) and most advanced technology in the field of Renewable Energy.

KTE successfully developed Triple Effect Absorption Chiller for the first time in the world in 2005 and has truck records of steady supply in Japan. Three companies, KTE, MC and Al-Hassan that organized the workshop, are envisaging an early materialization of a pilot plant in Oman so that this latest technology only from KTE may be known and expanded widely. Now, KTE, MC and Al-Hassan adopt this Triple Effect Absorption Chiller, the world highest energy efficient chiller, combined with Solar Thermal as their Pilot Plant in Oman (the first pilot plant in the world) and call for investors interested in their Pilot Plant Project.

Introduction of this New technology will contribute not only to the reduction of power generation by mitigation of electricity demand for air-conditioning, to convert saved Gas for power generation as value added commodity in the international market, consequently increasing foreign currency and revenue for the Government of Oman, but also to make other gulf countries know widely on the effort of Oman in introducing this most advanced technology in the field of Renewable Energy and through the diversification of industry in Oman to contribute to ICV.

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