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Al Hassan Group celebrates first year anniversary of its Suggestion Scheme (12 Oct 2014)

All Ideas Matter (AIM) the Suggestion Scheme of the Al Hassan Group recently completed one successful year. To mark the occasion, an awards ceremony was organized to recognize those employees whose suggestions won in the various Suggestion Scheme Award categories. Mr.Hassan Ali Salman, Chairman advised that employees responded with more than 500 Ideas in various areas such as Engineering, Process improvement, Cost, Environment and Commercial. The participants in the scheme were invited to attend the Suggestion Scheme Awards ceremony, along with the executive management.

“We are proud and delighted as AIM completes one successful year, the figures are very gratifying and highlight the importance of having a robust scheme that recognizes the power of each employee to contribute towards the success and well-being of an organization. We congratulate the winners as well as each and every employee who has contributed by submitting a suggestion for their participation.Through AIM we have demonstrated that an empowered employee enjoys an enriched work experience. We now look forward to more milestones" Said Mr.Hassan Ali Salman, Chairman, Al Hassan Group.

As part of AIM, every employee's suggestion is looked at as an important individual contribution and is given the necessary time for evaluation and implementation. All suggestions are evaluated according to prescribed standards relevant to the mode of operation, costs involved, revenues anticipated after implementation. Employees are rewarded for their suggestions post their implementation.

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