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Al Hassan Engineering Company recognised for Omanization (19 Jan 2015)

The Ministry of Manpower, Sultanate of Oman, recently celebrated and honoured leading private sector organizations for their significant contributions in training and employment of national workforce. Al Hassan Engineering Company was honoured at this ceremony as one of the leading companies for achieving its Omanization percentage targets in construction sector.

Mr. Maqbool Ali Salman, Managing Director of Al Hassan Engineering Company, on being bestowed with this prestigious award commented that "Al Hassan has persevered for decades on Omanizing; training & development and employing Nationals in cadres across various disciplines in all its projects. It endeavours at all times to fulfil its vital role and social responsibility as one of the top Omani construction companies, which necessitates supporting and promoting Ministry of Manpower's efforts for providing employment opportunities to Omani Nationals."

To this end, the company has developed plans and programs for vocational training and upgrading employment enabling skills. It regularly sponsors trainings of Omani Nationals through various government and private institutions, most notably the Ministry of Manpower. These programs have a significant impact in supporting and motivating Omani Nationals as they not only provide them with training, but also employment and career growth opportunities.

The core objective of the company’s Omanisation drive is to provide multiple levels of training which are consistent with the market needs and also to enhance the chances and opportunities of employment for fresh graduates in coordination with universities and colleges in the Sultanate.

Additionally, on-the-job training is the corner-stone of Al Hassan Engineering’s Human Resources development philosophy, and one of the primary methods that the company relies on to burnish the talent of its employees. It enables them to acquire first-hand experience in cross-functional disciplines and to contribute in the production process in an effective and relevant manner.

Al Hassan Engineering, thus, has so far played its part in developing a robust and skilled national workforce.

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