Al Hassan follows a systemic approach to ensure the quality of its products. Many different and concurrent initiatives contribute to high product quality.

Some of these initiatives include:

Merging of the quality and business objectives through TPM implementation

Conducting regular internal audits and management reviews to maintain system control and institute course corrections

Institutionalizing procedures through documented systems, QA plans, process standards and design specifications

Applying process control through qualification, checklist practices

Using inspections and test equipment in calibration laboratory to exercise calibration control

Organizing structured reviews to solve product non-conformities and implement customer feedback with timely corrective actions

Certificates of Accreditation
KEMA Certificate ASTA Certificate KEMA Certificate IQNet


We are the only switchgear manufacturing facility in Oman which has been awarded the prestigious KEMA KEUR certificate which is a direct reflection not only of Al Hassan Switchgear products but also the process and the complete facility.

ISO 9001:2008

Comprehensive quality, environment and safety management systems guide our manufacturing operation. The quality management system for design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning of Low and Medium Voltage Switchgears has received ISO 9001:2008 certification from TÜV SÜD.

Type Testing

The LV panels of the company are Totally type tested (TTA) as per IEC 60439 standard and certified by world renowned independent laboratories ASTA (UK) and DEKRA (Netherlands).

The LV panels are further type tested for internal arc withstand (safety of human life) as per IEC draft recommendation at ASTA labs even though they are not yet mandatory tests as per IEC.

The MV panels of the company are type tested up to 31.5 kA at DEKRA Netherlands.