Al Hassan is the only manufacturer in Oman which has all encompassing products including Medium Voltage and Low Voltage switchgears. AHPI manufactures following Medium Voltage switchgear products:

Control & Relay Panels

11/33 kV Vacuum Circuit Breaker Panels from 18.4 kA to 44 kA

Ring Main Units

Control & Relay Panels

Custom Designed Panels

19" Rack Relay Panels

Dead Front Panels

Manufactured in accordance with project specification for voltages upto 220 kV system

Control & Relay Panels
11 kV Panels

Type-tested at KEMA Netherlands including internal arc test

Explosion Proof Design

Rating upto 3150 A

Incomer: Vacuum Circuit Breakers

Outgoing: Vacuum Circuit Breakers or Vacuum Contactors

Withstand Short Circuit up to 44 kA for 3 sec

11 kV Panels